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Сообщение #1 Gorynych » 18.05.2014, 11:06

Из самого интересного:

- бэджи "Пилот Испытатель" будут доступны всем за дополнительную плату в пару баксов (test pilot - это перк дающий доступ к на одни сутки к полетам на любом корабле которого у вас нет, включая schythe. Раньше это планировались только для подписчиков).

- Avenger будет добавлен в ДФМ версии 1.1 (первый патч дфм)

- Constellation был немного увеличен и мерлин помещен назад.

- у M50 будет очень крутой вид :)

- Скоро будет возможно апгрейдить корабли сохраняя при этом LTI и Alpha слот (например Аврору в 300i)

- Доступ к мултиплейру ДФМ будет раздаваться постепенно и по порядку номеров в паспорте гражданина. Ускорить свою очередь за деньги не получится (разве что купить акаунт 2012 года на черном рынке :))

- одиночная игра в ДФМ будет доступна всем и сразу.

- upgrade slots в кораблях будут убраны и заменены на что-то более узконаправленное (совместимое с моделью корабля)

- размер установленной игры Стар Ситизен будет не менее 200Гб (наверно имеется в виду законченная версия).

Hey citizens,
hope this info answers many questions , felt like it deserved a more public note .
Chat took place on Thursday ,May 15th, around 22:00 CEST.
Here we go :

Ben Lesnick

"Around the 'Verse"

I really want to get the fun of working here across.
No permanent host! We'll switch between people around the offices.
Friday is going to be the 'serious' show - Inside CIG segment about making some part of the game.
The glossy "this could be a DVD extra" part that used to appear in WMH.
I can promise you the team here is in no way cold or professional :)
No permanent host! We'll switch between people around the offices.
I'm just starting it off.
But Ali and Chelsea will both be on the show!
To talk about subscriber and CS stuff.
So expect Chelsea to show up telling everybody to stop emailing her to find out how many Hornets fit in an Idris.

Subscriber Segment on WMH Recently

We had to deal with some hate on the forums, but we also sold 1,000 more subscriptions after that segment :)
But we took some good feedback from it too -- the test pilot badges will be available for purchase for everyone.

Status of Ships

The M50 concepts are insane, we actually had to tell the guy to make it less detailed.
He actually built the whole ship like a ship... so he rendered the struts and everything inside it.
You'll see the art down the road :)

All ships are in concept now, but I have not seen the Orion yet.

The 890 Jump does have concept art now! It's looking cool.
It's at the earliest stage, where they do several ships and we pick which we like best.

[Avenger in V1.1 or V2?]
V1.1, Avenger is not ready for V1, but it should be added in the not-too-distant future.

The new Connie is a little bit longer, and the internals have all been redone.

The Merlin has been moved to the back.
There is a reactor room above the merlin.
Or an engine room anyway :)

The M50 is sweeter than pie.

Upgrading a Ship in an Alpha Package

we have a solution for that that we will roll out soon! We're going to have upgrade packs for your ship hull.
So if you want to go from an AUrora to a 300i and keep your LTI/Alpha, you just buy the upgrade pack.

Ben at Events

I will be at TNGS and Gamescom!

Arena Commander Roll Out

[Will Golden Ticket affect your place in line?]
No, Golden Ticket won't impact it, it's 100% in Citizen # order.
(Although everybody with a golden ticket should have a low number...)

[How many people will initially roll out to?]
It's very hard to predict, one thing we don't know is how many people we should invite for concurrency.
It may be that we have to invite 10k people just to get 100 simultaneous users for the first test.
There's a lot of unknowns, but the dream is to ramp up as quickly as possible.

[Time interval between waves of AC invites?]
It's a big unknown. If we have 5,000 people playing and it's fine we can go to 10,000 immediately...
if we have 5,000 people playing and that breaks the game, we have to take time to fix it.
But as CR said last week, you'll all get the single player mode at once.

[If DFM servers crash will it crash login/authentication for Singleplayer players?]
No, they're different servers.

No way to pay to get ahead of other backers, sorry.

[Will people be able to spam/congest the authentication servers if they don't have multiplayer?]
we've built it to do that automatically, your hangar will keep checking for you.

[We all get access to Singleplayer at the same time?]
that's right, you'll have the free flight and Vanduul Swarm AI modes coming out all at once.

Ship Stats

[Will upgrade slots be back?]
No, upgrade slots are changing to be more system-specific.
I believe Rob is doing a stat-clarification update as we speak.

Game Size
Star Citizen is somewhat 200GB internally ( ...!!! ) but thats not representative of how it 'll be when it's done .


*** courtesy of [ Nehkara ] at reddit .com

P.S. Если у кого-то есть время и желание, то было бы неплохо это перевести полностью.
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Сообщение #2 Vint » 19.05.2014, 00:11

Крис объявил дату выхода ДФ - 29 мая
https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/tran ... mander-Weekly-Report-May-12-16

соррь за оффтопик :)
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Сообщение #3 Gorynych » 19.05.2014, 01:47

Они намекали что могут и задержать :)
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